- 3225-size 10uF 100V high-capacitance, high-voltage product with advanced technology and high reliability

Yun Sang-ho


[Digital Daily]

Seoul, Korea, November 23, 2021- Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced that it has developed a high-capacitance, high-voltage MLCC for 5G communication base stations.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics' new MLCC is the size 3225 (3.2mm in width, 2.5mm in height) with a high capacitance of 10uF (microfarad) and a high rated voltage (highest voltage that equipment can withstand without being damaged by voltage) of 100V (volt). Samsung Electro-Mechanics plans to supply this product to global telecommunications equipment partners starting next month.

The MLCC developed by Samsung Electro-Mechanics this time achieved the high capacitance of 10uF to supply energy quickly and stably to high-performance semiconductors. In addition, it can replace two to three low-capacitance MLCCs, thereby reducing the mounting area of components.

Furthermore, the 100V rated voltage can be safely applied to 5G communication base stations, and the increased reliability allows the MLCC operates normally against environmental changes such as external shock and vibration, temperature, and humidity. In particular, the new product boasts the industry-best tensile strength with 3mm guaranteed.

"The commercial rollout of 5G communication technology has led to the growing demand for base station equipment, fueling the demand for high-performance and high-reliability MLCCs," said Kim Dooyoung, Executive Vice President of the Component Solution Unit at Samsung Electro-Mechanics. "We will enhance our technological edge by developing and manufacturing core MLCC materials in-house and maintain market leadership by internalizing our facilities and increasing the production capacity to contribute to the success of our customers.”

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