By Yun Sang-ho

[Digital Daily]

SEOUL, South Korea, November 12, 2020- LG Display announced today that its OLED TV panels have received Eco-Product certification from SGS, a Swiss-based global leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification.

Amid growing interest in the indoor environment due to increased stay-at-home activities amid COVID-19, OLED TV panels have been recognized as eco-friendly products with low emissions of hazardous substances. They had also already been certified for being exceptionally easy on the eye.

Having evaluated the overall environmental aspects of OLED TV panels, SGS found their environmental friendliness to be especially notable in three categories covering the lowering of indoor air pollutants, the reduction of hazardous substances, and high recyclability.

According to the evaluation results, OLED TV panels’ emissions of total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were more than 50% lower than those of LCD TV panels. VOCs are associated with a range of health risks and are a known cause of “sick building syndrome.” As they are often released by plastics, LCD TVs emit more VOCs because they use more plastic-based sheets and parts for their backlights, whereas OLED’s self-luminous display technology requires no backlight.

In addition, unlike some high-end LCD products, OLED TV panels do not use any parts containing hazardous substances such as cadmium and indium phosphide, which are Group 1 and Group 2 carcinogens respectively as classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer under the World Health Organization. OLED TV panels also feature excellent resource efficiency and recycling rates because they require fewer parts than their LCD counterparts.

“As indoor TV viewing time increases due to COVID-19, interest in TV products that are both comfortable for viewers’ eyes and eco-friendly is also rising,” said Dr. Oh Chang-ho, Executive Vice President and Head of TV Business Unit at LG Display. “OLED is the best TV technology in the COVID-19 era, considering that it not only takes into account excellent picture quality but also health and the environment.”

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