‘Asia PKI Consortium’ established

2007.11.08 16:05:48 / 정경미 belle@ddaily.co.kr

‘아시아PKI컨소시엄’ 창립

Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) announced that Asia PKI Consortium was officially launched at the Asia PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) forum conference held in Xian, China on the 6th and 7th.

8 member countries including Korea, China, Taiwan, India and Vietnam gathered together at this conference and concluded that the forum membership will be more accessible as companies (institutions), individuals and non-profit organizations will be entitled for the membership. They also decided that issues and agendas the forum will discuss in the future will cover education &training, anti-spam techniques, consulting service as well as PKI.

The forum will host the first Asia PKI Consortium International Symposium on the 8th with members of the Forum and approximately 200 PKI experts around the globe present. Participants are expected to have presentations and discussions over issues including future of electronic transaction security, status quo regarding digital certificate in countries around the world and so on.

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